The Rattler 32" Silicone Retention Enema Colon Nozzle
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The Rattler 32" Silicone Retention Enema Colon Nozzle

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This is a variation on some of our colon tubes/colon nozzles. This fixed length nozzle measures in at approximately 32" from tip to tip. What makes it a unique experience is the ribbed/rattler shaped tip, which has four ribs that gradually increase in diameter, followed by a nice long shaft(26" in length, 1.3" in diameter) with five expansion ribs spaced out for incremental insertion. 

First Rib = 1.36”

Second Rib = 1.5”

Third Rib = 1.6”

Forth Rib = 1.6”


Shaft = 1.33”


Expansions = 1.65”

Expansion Length = 2.0”


Retention Ball = 2.0”

Retention Valley = 1.2”


Final Outer Flange = 2.0”


Overall Length 32.5”

Insertable Length 31.0”

Then for the "final push" it has a nice retention style flange to hold it in place. 

The total length of this piece is 32" with an insertable length of approximately 30" which could possibly place the tip of the tube just past the left splenic flexure into the transverse colon for a unique filling experience if you are successful in getting it to go that deep. You can select the color, softness level and bore diameter by using the drop down list boxes and get the accurate purchase price for your selections. This tube also makes a stimulating massage piece in a solid configuration with no open bore.

The #12, #18 and #30 softness is the only silicone that is available in pure translucent. The #00-50 and #10 base color is a translucent white but can be mixed with all our standard and fluorescent color selections. It will come out just a little lighter than the colors mixed with the pure translucent material.

Please choose yes or no from the drop down selection box for our additional 3 pack of connectors.


Thank you!

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