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Our Mission Statement: To provide the highest quality holistic appliances and customer service possible. We take great pride in our organization, our commitment to customer service and in the quality products we manufacture and sell.

Our online store has been optimized to provide you with a safe and secure environment to confidently browse and purchase products from our listings with full SSL security.

Please forward Checks and/or Money orders payable to:
Siladyne LLC
12333 Coal River Road
St. Albans WV 25177
You can also contact us through our direct email at:
Business Hours:
Monday - Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time
Saturday & Sunday - Closed?
Age Requirements:
We do not knowingly sell our products to anyone under the age of 18. If and when we might discover a purchase made by an underage individual considered a minor, we will immediately terminate that users account from our website and block any further order activity from the individual. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS! If you are a parent of an underage individual and discover they have purchased a product from us please contact us immediately for notification.

Member Activation:
We suggest you create an account with us before placing your item selection in the shopping cart. This will enable you to keep track of your order history. Your shopping cart will remain active until you leave the store. If you have any questions, need additional information on a particular item or wish to make suggestions that are not  covered in our product descriptions please use the email address shown above and send us your request or you may give us a call at the telephone number shown above.
Payment can be made with your Credit Card or PayPal. If you do not have a Credit Card or PayPal account and wish to make other payment arrangements you can use the "Print & Call" option at the end of the "Checkout" process to enter your order. You will then need to contact us either through email or by phone to make payment arrangements. We will hold your order from production for up to seven days. If you have not contacted us within that timeline we will cancel your order from our system. You can also use the "Special Instructions" box on the last page of the shopping cart checkout to tell us what arrangements you would like to use to make payment. For "Print & Call" we prefer you send us a Money Order. Your order will be added to the production schedule immediately upon receipt of your payment. We will also accept personal checks, however, we will hold your order from production until your check clears our bank.

 Order Turnaround Time:

We now have two ways to purchase our online Silicone products. The custom order pieces are made to your specific selections that are available on each item that show up in the drop list boxes regarding color, softness, length and other possible variations. Each piece has a particular option variation pattern. We now maintain a standing inventory in our "Ready-To-Ship" area with a great selection of items that have already been fabricated and are available for immediate purchase. All of those products are ready to ship within 24 hours except orders received on Saturday & Sunday. We are closed both days. The high quality silicone materials we use are quite expensive and we want to do everything in our power to keep the final cost to our customers as low as possible. We also maintain an inventory of our support items such as hose barbs, administration bag kits, tubing and many other miscellaneous additional products that can be shipped immediately if ordered by themselves. When these items are ordered in combination with a custom nozzle, colon tube or sound they will all be shipped upon completion of the particular silicone piece or pieces that you have purchased. If they are ordered with pre-fabricated items that are ready to ship they will all go out within 24 to 48 hours. If these items are ordered on Friday, they will ship out on Monday.

Our Thanks:

We sincerely want to be your favorite supplier and thank you for your interest in
our high quality silicone products. We truly hope you won't leave the site before purchasing an item suited to your personal preference or find something in the ready to ship offerings. And, please don't hesitate to let us know what you think of our unique new items and our customer service by going back to the site, logging in and leaving a review for each product you purchase and use. It really helps everyone have a better understanding of each products usability, comfort and practicallity.

Your comments will be kept strictly confidential!



"Order Confirmation Emails & Payment Processing Stuff!"


We also have a website that markets and sells all types of silicone vibration isolation pieces, both for home and commercial/industrial applications. It is http://www.siladyne.com if you would like to check it out. You might find some pieces that will fulfill a need. We can also develop and create just about any design or style of feet, pads or pods for customized applications and other specialized or custom pieces you might want to get made.

 Again, remember, in the event you place an order and need to make a change, please try to do it within 24hrs or sooner if possible. You can send us an email, or just give us a call and leave a message with the information updates if it's after hours or we are too busy to answer the phones. We are working on a better system for taking your calls, as I am the only one doing customer service, so please don't think that if no one answers the phone there is no one here. We have a great group of employees here but they are all busy pouring your pieces and getting them ready to ship. They don't do customer service or take orders. Unfortunately, I'm out of the office quite a bit taking care of an elderly friend but working remotely to keep up with customer needs as much as possible and will return your telephone calls as soon as I get back into the office and get your messages. We are also trying to forward the main telephone number to me when I am out of the office so bear with us while we continue to grow the business and our office staff. The best time to get me is between 10:00am and 3:00pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Be sure to include your order/invoice number when calling and speak slowly and clearly. Some of the cell phone services aren't very clear and it is sometimes impossible to understand your messages. So, if you call and we don't call you back within 48 hours please call again or send us an email instead. We will make the changes and get back to you to verify that we have done so. We are trying to make your purchasing experience as easy as possible and heavily rely on the website to handle that task. We have discontinued taking telephone orders for those of you who don't have, use or trust computers and the internet. Even with all the hacking and horror stories you hear in the news, the internet is still quite secure and we do all we can to make sure our systems and your information is protected. We DO NOT keep your credit card information either in our computers or in our hard paper files, as we really never see that information unless you give it to us over the telephone. Even then we destroy any paper copies we might have written down and double shred them when your order payment transaction has cleared.


Thanks again to everyone for your loyalty and acceptance of our unique product offerings.