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"Spiral 22" 

September is proving to be a very busy month, both in our sales and R&D/Prototyping departments. As I have mentioned on several occassions in the past we have been on a dedicated development cycle of a new line of inflatable balloon enema nozzles that we hope will far surpass the balloon nozzles currently available from other vendors. Our initial release will be a double balloon nozzle of new shape and style and a single balloon nozzle. Both have been meticulously designed to follow the internal contours of the rectal anatomy to insure both superior comfort and functionality, while maintaining easy insertion and placement. We have gone to great lengths to develop a new balloon structure, both in design and material quality to make sure your balloon nozzles, with proper care and maintenance, will stand the test of time. Our target release date is Mid-October to the first of November. 

We will also be introducing a new product group called the "Ecstacy Line", comprised of new nozzles, colon nozzles and colon tubes.

Sorry it has been so long in releasing new products and my participation in keeping up with the website. I sincerely apologize. We have a lot of new goodies in the works and hope you will hang with us for their release.

Again, thanks to all of you for your patience and undertanding, and especially for your loyalty and passing the word along to friends on forums and blogs. We appreciate your feedback, reviews and new design submissions, many of which are currently available and many more to come. Our National Economy seems to be picking up, slowly but surely, and we hope to continue to grow with it in bringing you more unique and high quality pieces, Bob.


 Our sample triangle set continues to be a great tool in giving you the ability to evaluate our silicone quality and softness options at an economical value. Click on the photo to go directly to the listing page and get your set today.

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