Silicone Enema Nozzles


Wow, is it really December already! Another fabulous year is almost at an end. Christmas is literally just around the corner so if you want something special to give as a gift or personal use by Christmas be sure and get your orders in in plenty of time. Christmas being on Sunday this year will dictate that all orders to be received prior to Christmas Eve, will need to be shipped out by the 19th for USPS Priority Mail delivery. UPS and FedEx should be shipped out by the 14 to have the best chance of delivery by Christmas Eve and even then we can't guarantee they will arrive in time. You know how UPS and Fedex can be at Christmas time. 

The NEW CT228Fr colon tube on the left is becoming very popular for its size.

This is our latest addition to the colon tube product group. The 3" version with 3.5" retaining ball and ball safety flange is quite impressive.

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We have also just introduced the new "Unique Multiform" nozzle on the right with a dynamically ribbed surface for a quite interesting sensation combined with the possibility of a throbbing massage action. Also includes molded handgrip area or can be used for extended retention valley.



 If you want to experience the actual softness of our variety of silicone selections we now have a seven triangle set available. Click on the photo to go directly to the listing page and get your set today. Please let me know how you like them after you have had a chance to purchase and sample them.

Triangle Sample

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    CONCAVE SPD 1.5" F/W

    This is another great SPDCON 1.5'' being added to the one of a kind section. This piece has a 1/4 bore and is durometer #18. Here is a 1.5 "diameter concave contoured version of the retention style nozzles (4" length). It is also available in...


    E-BookEnema BagSNC Enema BagEZ-EM Large Volume Enema Bag Kit



    The "OrderToday - Ships Tomorrow - In Stock" product group is really starting to come alive. These are new pieces that are completed and ready to ship. They will be shipped out to you within 24hrs of receipt of your order, unless you combine one of these pieces with one of the "Specific Selection" pieces that allows you to select color and softness parameters you specifiy. Those pieces have to be custom made and take approximately 48 hours to pour and cure. The majority of the ready to ship pieces are first run with no issues or blemishes. We will, however, be listing some products that do have very slight blemishes or a small bubble or two and those issues will be thoroughly detailed in the item description. Accordingly, the pieces with slight Blems or Bubbles will be discounted in proportion to the number of abnormalities they contain. We plan to include some very interesting pieces for your selection and we hope you find something you just can't live without.