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2021 Second Quarter Already!

Gosh, time is sure flying. Here it is the first of May, and we are still working on the order backlog but have made great progress and will be back to normal order turnaround time very soon. Thank all of you again for your loyalty, patience and the great product reviews you have been submitting. Still looking forward to releasing those new products and making them available to you as soon as humanly possible.

The inflatable balloon nozzle line will hopefully be back as well sometime in July of this year with the anticipated offering of our first double balloon series. We continue to hope all of you are still doing well, and staying healthy. Thank you again for your continued patronage, abundant patience and support.


Don't forget the Ready-To-Ship area. Those products get shipped within 24 to 48 hours and cut down on your wait time considerably.

Take a close look at our unique 3+ Quart/Liter enema bag kit below which includes the updated special hanger we redesigned and fabricate in house. It's a really great product, and with special loving care will last quite a long time.


X-Long Connectors for Soft Large Tubes are back in Stock!



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