Colon Tubes

Here are our Colon Tubes, made to order in the USA.

From the CT-63 at .825" to the CT-228 at 3.0"

18" in length, up to 64" in some, possibly longer if requested.

Urethral Sounds

Here is our growing selection of Urethral Sounds, we have small, short, stubby sized, big, and long too. If you can think of one, we don't have, let us know and we will do what we can to make it.

Enema Nozzles & Plugs

We have a wide selection of nozzles, CSREs, and plugs, many with a set from 1" up to 3" in diameter.


Here is our collection of accessories you may need or might find useful.

Connectors, Enema Bags, Flow Control Valves, Flow Indicators, Lubes, Tubing

Ready To Ship

Here are our "in stock" and ready to ship items that we have already made, these should change from time to time as we add the inventory over.