Colonic Speculum Retention Enhancer 2.5" Diameter Rounded Edge
Colonic Speculum Retention Enhancer 2.5" Diameter Rounded Edge

Colonic Speculum Retention Enhancer 2.5" Diameter Rounded Edge

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This is our latest revisioin to the CSRE 2.75" enhancer. This enhancer has a slightly smaller diameter at the maximum retention ring area of 2.5" inches and also has a more rounded edge for comfort and ease of insertion and removal. *This is for the enhancer only, the speculum inserts are no longer being sold to the general public. They have been determined by the FDA to be a specialized attachment to a colonic irrigation device and only available through licensed vendors*

       As Colonic Hydro-therapists or home colonic enthusiasts you may have experienced an issue with leakage around the slender speculums. We have developed the new Speculum Retention Enhancers to address leakage and comfort issues. These awesome silicone speculum adaptors are extremely comfortable and durable. They are also very easy to clean and sterilize for repeated use with the individual client that will purchase it and allow you to keep it sterilized and on hand for each individual visit. The same is true for those of you who prefer and enjoy doing your own personal colonics at home.

     The speculum enhancers are very easy to use and are comfortably inserted with a generous amount of lubrication on the silicone and the anus. Slowly twist the piece while applying a moderate amount of pressure to allow the anal sphincter to dilate and accept the initial expansion ring into the rectum. The sphincter will then shrink back into the retention ring holding the enhancer firmly in place while at the same time forming a watertight seal at the anus.

     This nozzle has a tapered tip of approximately 3" length with a 2.5" internal ring diameter and approximately 6'" in total length. The anal retention valley is approximately 1" in diameter just ahead of the 3" diameter flanged style base. Total insertable length is approximately 4.75" inches.

We can no longer sell the speculum kits this product was designed to be used with as the FDA has determined them to be medical devices because they are used with commercial colonic irrigation units. However, these units can also be used with some of our smaller diameter colon tubes as in the CT-75 and CT-86 models. It can be placed on the colon tube at different intervals to retain the tube at different depth insertions.


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