Multi Ball Shaft 9" Long - Small Diameter Silicone Enema Nozzle
Multi Ball Shaft 9" Long - Small Diameter Silicone Enema Nozzle

Multi Ball Shaft 9" Long - Small Diameter Silicone Enema Nozzle

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Its overall length is 9" and 8 3/4" insertable to the small flared base. The diameter of the ribs graduates from 0.75" at the tip up to 0.85" of the final ball-shaped rib just in front of the small safety flange. The small valleys between the ribs are approximately 0.55" in diameter. This sweet little nozzle has a total of 11 balls/ribs of slightly varying styles. It was also designed to be used as a longer douche-style nozzle.    

Like all of our Platinum Cure Silicone products, this nozzle is available in a wide array of material softness densities, colors, and internal bore sizes. Our connector pack has a selection of hose barb connectors that will allow you to connect it to any of your existing equipment, or you may want to purchase one of our deluxe Heavy Duty vinyl bag kits if you are a new beginner and don't have existing equipment. With proper care and handling, these bag kits can last several years.

For those of you who administer frequent enemas to beginners, this is the perfect replacement nozzle for those hard plastic nozzles or rectal tubes. The extremely gentle nature of our softer silicone materials is completely harmless to the delicate anal sphincter tissues of not only beginner patients but is equally suitable for all ages and can be used with complete confidence and reliability without pain or discomfort. The design of this unique nozzle lends itself especially well to beginners due to its flexibility, length, ribs, and valleys to be able to put the tip of the nozzle right where it needs to be and help retain the nozzle in place. This nozzle allows for a more non-intrusive, gentle experience by reducing the mental and physical trauma normally associated with enemas. The soft rounded tip can easily find its way through the lower sigmoid flexure, thus allowing the enema solution to be deposited higher into the sigmoid colon. Reducing the pressure of the enema fluid in the rectum, or initially bypassing the filling of the rectum altogether, inherently delays the uncomfortable cramping that usually begins as the rectum is initially overfilled, thus forcing the enema fluid to push through the lower sigmoid flexure and begin filling the sigmoid colon and higher. The recipient has a much more gentle experience with the enema and isn't traumatized.

Color, softness level, bore diameter and other options are selectable through the drop list boxes for your individual preferences.


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