SSND-SHRTCATH4 6-10mm - 18-30Fr Short Catheter Silicone Sound
SSND-SHRTCATH4 6-10mm - 18-30Fr Short Catheter Silicone Sound
SSND-SHRTCATH4 6-10mm - 18-30Fr Short Catheter Silicone Sound

SSND-SHRTCATH4 6-10mm - 18-30Fr Short Catheter Silicone Sound

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This is our first creation for Prostate Cancer victims that are left with total urinary incontinence and we have labeled it the Short Cath series. A special design idea originally requested by a customer with a prostatectomy (complete removal of the prostate). No longer having a prostate in his case caused continuouse leakage of urine and he wanted a device he could wear during the day that would comfortably plug the urethra while at the same time allow him to urinate when needed by removing a small plug in the core of the device and then replacing it after emptying the bladder for continued security and dry underwear. We worked on this piece for approximately four months and after several modifications have finally settled on this design. 

The overall length of the sound is approximately 4''. The tip is approximately 6mm in diameter and gradually tapers up to approximately 8mm just in front of the first retention ball of 9.5mm. This is immediately followed by a 6.5mm diameter valley. The following expansion swells out to approximately 10mm before shrinking back down to the remaining 8mm diameter shaft that extends another 3/4" out to the safety flange.

This sound can be used in two different ways. It can be inserted so the initial sphincter will rest in the retention valley allowing the second expansion to remain on the outside snugly seated against the tip of the penis, or it can be fully inserted to the flange allowing both expansions to form a seal inside the glans. This sound can be produced using several different levels of softness for your specific level of comfort.

The pieces in the photos are as follows; the white was produced using the #00-50 silicone compound and is very soft and flexible but quite functional, comfortable and very pleasurable; the clear or translucent piece was poured using the #18 silicone compound which is quite a bit more firm but still very flexible; the Skin Tone color piece was poured using the #12 silicone compound and is just a little softer than the #18 and still quite flexible and comfortable. We can also pour this piece in the #10 silicone compound. The #10 is about mid point in softness between the #12 and the #00-50. The #00-50 is similar in softness to the artificial fishing worms used by fishermen.

You can make your individual selections as to color, level of softness, and open or solid core type from the drop list boxes. 

We have now had many customers order and use this piece for its intended purpose and have had favorable comments on its function and comfort. We sincerely hope it will help you solve your incontinence issues in a confident and comfortable experience.

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